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Featuring Sugarhill Containers

Hello Everyone! My name is Pete Guenther and I would like to welcome you to our website which shows you the different types of Sugarhill plastic containers that we are distributors for. We provide attractive plastic containers suitable for all sorghum and sugar cane syrup needs. The containers with a printed picture, all have room for a stick-on label to be placed at the back. The containers without anything printed on them (blanks) are pictured on the "Containers for Cane Syrup" page. If you prefer to have your own personalized label, it can be arranged, with up to 3 separate colors on the containers.

We ourselves have used these jugs for sorghum, for many years and can say with confidence that it is a high quality attractive product, which we have found to increase sales the containers sell themselves.

They are easy to fill, easy to hold and are made of a hard plastic, which is able to withstand heat from the syrups up to 220 degrees F. They can be reused and if needed, we can supply extra lids or caps.

Our aim is to provide you with high-quality containers at an economical price. We strive to keep our prices consistent, stable and as low as possible, increasing prices only when absolutely necessary.

We also carry metal lids for glass quart and pint jars, refractometers, boxes for shipping or packing sorghum and syrup, and sorghum suckers or lollipops.

Please view our containers online. Contact us if you have any questions.