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Online Containers for Cane Syrup

Welcome to our online catalogue for Cane Syrup Containers. Please browse through to see what we have to offer we have a variety of sizes and kinds. We have available all year through, the almond brown jug, as pictured below. It is possible to get the natural white in the blanks, however these must be ordered well in advance (by June 15th).

The blank jugs have ample space to put a stick on label of your own choice. Contact us if you would like a private label printed on your jugs.

We are also working on a Holiday Jug for Cane Syrup. It will be similar in design to the Holiday Sorghum Jugs (view Containers for Sorghum). These should be available the fall of 2004.

Please view the online price list for these products. Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you and helping provide for your cane syrup container needs.

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Container Selections

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These are the different size blank jugs which we carry. Pictured are the gallon, half-gallon, quart, pint, half-pint and 100 ml. Below is a picture of the 48 oz. sizes.
These are the 48 Fl. Oz. blank and the 48 Fl. Oz. Hubtop blank. The Hubtop is the only size that has a wide mouth opening or 70 mm cap. It resembles the style of the old-fashioned tins. It holds up to 64 oz. of syrup in weight.


This is our whimsical Sugar House container. It has a capacity of 16.9 Fl. Oz. (500 ml.). It makes a cute gift idea.




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September, 2011