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This is the PAL-Alpha digital made by Atago.  It measures 0-85% Brix, so it can be used to measure both the syrup and the juice, which eliminates the need for two refractometers.  It has automatic temperature compensation and is water resistant.  A convenient carrying case may also be purchased.


This refractometer is made by Atago.  They have many different units to choose from.  The recommended units are the Master alpha series which have automatic temperature compensation and are water resistant. 
Master alpha 0-33% Brix
Master 2 alpha 28-62% Brix
Master 3 alpha 58 - 90% Brix
Master 4 alpha 45-82% Brix
Master 53 alpha 0-53% Brix


This is an Eclipse Refractometer. There are two kinds available 0-30 Brix used for raw juice, and 75-93 Brix used for determining sugar of cooked syrup or sorghum.
These are the three different lids that we have available. These are a 70 G size lid which fits a standard glass quart and pint jar. They have a plastisol seal on the inside of lid.
These Sorghum Suckers make a wonderful promotional item. Flavored with Sorghum, children and adults alike, enjoy them - a very popular item for festivals.


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